Kumbhabishekam Update
Mandalabhishekam completed on on 9th June 2018

The Mandalabhishekam begaon on April 23rd and concluded with a Maha Ganapathi homam and grand abhishekam on June 9th.
There was a special Dhivya nama Bhajan and Jayadeva Ashtapati Bhajan on June 9th, followed by Radha Kalyanam on June 10th conducted by Sri.Sattanatha Bhagavathar

Kumbhabishekam was done on on April 22nd

With the support and presence of devotees the Kumbabhishekam was done on 22nd April 2018.
The event began on 18 April with Kooshmanda homam,Naandi and Anugnyai.
On 19th April Ganapathi homam and Navagraha homam were performed followed by Vaastu shanti,Praticharam in the evening.
On 20th April Prasannabhishekam was performed to Jata vinayagar and Gata sthapanam was done. In the evening the first Kaalam of Yaagasalai poojai was done along with Ashtabandhana pooja
On 21st April morning second Kaalam Yaagasalai poojai was done along with Kanya poojai. In the evening third kaalam poojai along with Suvasini and Dhampati pooja. There was a Dhivya nama bhajan led by Guru Trayam Bhajan group from Chennai.
On 22nd April Sunday, morning fourth kaalam Yagashala pooja was done. It was followed by the Ghata Yatra Dhanam and the Maha Kumbhabishekam was conducted succesfully. Lot of devotees participated from different parts of World.
There was a Maha Abhishekam to Shrimath Jata Vinayagar that day evening followed by the procession of Urchavar.

Tiruppani Updates
Kumbhabishekam on April 22nd , 2018 9 to 10:30 AM

The Poojas start from 18th April. Please refer Invitation from the link above

Tiruppani Update on 19 August 2017

Vimanam base construction is over, Keetru kottagai(covering of Vimanam with thatched roof) is coming up to enable Sudhai(Sculpture) works at vimanam.

Tiruppani Update on 30 July 2017

The first layer of bricks for the Vimanam on top of moolavar in Garba gruham is coming up now

Tiruppani Update as on 24 July 2017

On top of the Moolasthanam, the base for the Vimanam for the moolavar is being readied

Update as on 1 July 2017

The Front mantapam foundation work has started and reinforcements are coming up for the front mantapam

Tiruppani Update as on 24 June 2017

Roofing Work has started for the Ardha mantapam and maha mantapam

Tiruppani Update as on 10 June 2017

The Ardha mantapam and maha mantapams are coming up

Tiruppani Update 30 May 2017

There was a brief pause in the work due to non availability of river sand for construction throughout tamilnadu. We got a load of Sand and this resumes the construction process

Construction Update as on 6 Apr 2017

Sandfilling complete in the Elevated Garbagriham, Ardha mandapam areas. The Murthy is planned to be shifted back to Moolasthanam on 30th April.

Construction Update as on 8 Mar 2017

Elevated Pedestal being built for the Garbagriham, Ardha Mandapam

Construction Update as on 1 Feb 2017

Foundation work was completed succesfully as per plan and Boundary wall is being raised.

Idol Shifting Update as on 11 Dec 2016

The Idol of Sri. Jata Vinayagar has been shifted with support of a crane from his abode to a temporary shelter to enable reconstruction of temple

Project Update as on 7 Dec 2016

New Borewell being dug up at Temple site

Balalayam on 9 Nov 2016

As a precursor to the event Mahaganapathy homam was performed on 8 November 2016 Balalayam of all the Murthis performed. This is a significant milestone signalling the start of construction. Go Pooja, Veda Parayanam organised as part of the event.

Update on 30 Oct 2016

Agreement made by the Trustees and the JataVinayagar Kumbhabishekam Committee with the builder for the construction, in the presence of Stapathi and Agraharam residents

Update on 15 August 2016

Trustees and Agraharam residents form the Kumbhabishekam Committee consisting of members from Trustee, Volunteered residents. This committee shall execute the Temple reconstruction and Kumbhabishekam. Please visit Temple services link for the committee members details.

Project Update as on 7 June 2016

Well known Sthapathi and Temple construction contractor visited temple in the month of May and provided few suggestion and recommendations including approximate budget and schedule. Temple Renovation contractor given high level plan and discussed with few key donors / trustees / volunteers and devotees of our beloved Lord Jatavinayagar.

Blue Print for Temple plan & Deities Installation with schedule and cost will be provided before the end of June 2016.

Thiruppani Kuzhu Committee Formation (Bank Account Opening)

After Sthapathi visit to temple, devotees of temple and few key committee members agreed to proceed futher and form Thiruppani Kuzhu Committee soon. Next meeting date will be finalized and Thiruppani Kuzhu will be formed. Bank Account opening procedure and required fund raising options will be discussed. Temple for renovation has to be given to contractor after a week of Vinayaga Chathruthi - 2016.

Devotees interested in sponsoring any portion of the expenses, please visit the Donations page.

Kumbhabishekam Project Plan